Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ah, the Final Solique-Mom's 4 of 4

Well here it is. Kind of anti climatic, wonder why she bothered? To whom is she writing too?

Any way, as far as therapy, that's not going to make her a person that does not demand the perfect present and relationship in repayment for the imperfect part of her.....soooooooo....not going to happen. I was fine in having an imperfect relationship with my imperfect mother.

10 years ago......when she could not honor her own six month vacation.

So now, perhaps she is done with writing about me. Wouldn't that be refreshing.

Let's see, she starts off by saying things she has done to prove she loved me, let's take stock shall we:

1) Calling up my husband and relatives to "interview" them
2) Sending me an e-mail "apology sincerely offered" in subject button then admitting on her blog it was only a ruse to get me to read that she would be in Worcester
3) Writing on an online board that I had no feelings about the death of my grandfather or Josh, which was just a lie, and timed interestingly after (in fact stated in the next sentences after she mentioned this) she found out I thought she was a sick woman.
4) Defacing my wedding picture on her blog, and then trying to justify it, and not taking it off
5) Walking around and peering into my house without permission
6) Saying she would take six months off from harrassing me, then unable to follow her own suggestion
7) I agree to her coming down, where she agrees that we will do things I enjoy for a change. Thereafter, she sends me a letter outlining things she will not do (all things I enjoy of course) and a menu plan for Robert to follow because she "doesn't eat that kind of food".

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