Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mom's Solique is Apparently Part 1 of 4 (was part 1 of 3)

Apparently my mother is going to commence the whining in a four part series. The first of the series can be found in a link below.

But, but, I had to work at menial jobs like everyone else did, and I had to walk to work just like everyone else had to. I had to grow up just like everyone else. Woeeess me. I had to be a selfish self-absorbed person from the get go you see.

Puke, gag me with a spoon as they used to say in my day. Whatever lady. Been there done that but without the kid. And unlike my mother, also with parents so absorbed in themselves just as I graduated high school to do anything but be abusive towards me, and use me in their divorce and remarriage games.

At least they were still status quo where they left off with their parents. Had I had a baby, I wouldn't have been able to count on them, not one little bit. And for sure, my kid would not have been allowed near them. Period.

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