Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another Absolutely Fabulous Day

God, it's beautiful out. Shit, this is my shitty blog. Okay, something to just get through a day to blog. I am obese....according to the weight chart. Actually my body has always been good at tucking stuff places, so I don't look as big as I could. However, I will be happy when I reach "fat" or "overweight" which I am not too far away from actually. Oh shit, that's good news.

As is the fact that my recent strategy of exercise every time you eat and watch tv, the pounds are actually starting to drop off daily. My Fing lord, that's more good news.

Well, that's the best that I can do on this glorious sunny day that the weatherman said would be damp and dismal.

Wait, wait, recently found two boxes downstairs that were affected by the small amount of water we got, while everyone else's basement got two feet of water. One had my favorite small clothes, and there may be three pieces of clothing that are ruined.

All my favorite hardcovers were in the next. I am probably loosing at least seven of these. Oh good, I found something negative to say today. Now I can go on to the rest of my blogs that are more in tune with a day like today:)

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