Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Parental Alienation Syndrome Excuse

One of my parents uses Parental Alienation Syndrome to explain our estrangement. First of all, dad never talked to me about my mother at my request after a couple admittably disturbing incidents where I found out my mother had an affair during the marriage, and that she got remarried. Neither of these things did she bother to tell me about. That is what bothered me. She just let me find out by surprise by a man she knew to be verbally and emotionally abusive as it was.

Okay, that's not Parental Alienation Syndrome. Second of all, during my late teens and early twenties, I hated my dad. I sympathized more with her (even knowing this at that point) then I ever would with him.

She says I am denying that the disruption of the divorce in my life changed things. Uh, no, but I do look at it slightly differently. It was the absolute disinterest in my during crucial points in my life, where I needed caring and supportive parents that shaped how I feel about them and who I am. It is the discovery since, that parents do not have to act like selfish manipulative beasts, before, during, or after a divorce. That it is perfectly possible to be a flawed but caring and loving parent that shaped this.

Not Parental Aleination Syndrome. For someone who puts umpteen thousand links on her blog about this, you would think she would be able to see the glaring differences.

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