Friday, June 02, 2006

Who is My Mother Writing the Solique to?

I am very confused about this story that my mom's writing. Grant you I recognize the story, but who is she writing it to? She can't be writing it to me, can she?

I mean, I knew she married at 19, that they didn't love each other, that they had sexual problems the clarification of the extent does not change it, and that she had an affair. I mean she went to a therapist after her friend died, had the affair, then told dad. Why not just get the divorce? I mean is that too obvious a question. Don't have an affair, get a divorce.

I feel kind of like I am being an ass here, but to feel no remorse for doing that, to feel like what you did was a completely justified act. I mean if she said, it was a poor decision on my part, I would feel for her. But to be wringing her hands at that point, AFTER SEEKING HELP AND THINKING ABOUT IT. That doesn't make it a loveable act for me, not that I should be the one judging her.

But for her to think Tony (aka my biological father--well actually unfortunately my only father) would want to be friends after? Only she gets to be niave as the crisis developed. Doesn't sound like dad had the benifit of therapy before being told his wife just cheated on him. I hate even having to be put in a position to empathize with him, because I just know he must have sucked to be married to. Take my word for it, in picking my husband I wasn't looking for my father in disguise. I do feel bad for him, but he's not a nice person, he's more pathetic than anything.

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