Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Like to Write Every Day in my Blogs But....

Writing in this blog every day, usually means writing something negative, which usually infiltrates my day with negative thoughts. It's why I keep this blog seperate from my other musings (plus don't want anyone to really know who I am LOL) which are more me. This blog is used more when I am feeling angry, hurt, outraged, betrayed.

I am not today, and so won't go there. Bi polar blogs aren't so negative for me (or cyclo whatever), as I had mentioned on diseases to inherit, this one is not so bad insofar as it stands now. And so with the sun shining, and the outside beckoning to me and the dogs, and new clothes stores to be found in the area, I will say a short Hey There, for all others suffering with this, and then take off on my bike to today's adventures.

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