Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Aware What You Tape Over

This is sort of a funny story.   Neither I nor my husband remember when or if this is what happened.   I have no recollection of Eggy sending me a tape in the beginning of our estrangement of her ranting.   I suspect this may be, because if I had received such a thing, I would not have listened to it.  I further speculate that I probably would have thrown it in a draw with other tapes, with instructions to do with it as anyone would want.

My husband and his friends make tapes and discs for each other.   A few years ago, Robert put together a tape for our friend, Rich, of stuff that he liked and wanted to share.   Apparently, it was on a tape with Eggy ranting (at the end of it) for another 15 minutes LOL.  

Our friend heard this, and was totally horrified by the behavior of this person on tape.   He called Robert up to find out who it might be that he was listening to.  My husband had forgotten to tell me this, and on a day where I was feeling blue about my family, told me so I would know that others who have experienced Eggy think she's as horrible as I do.   Apparently she was listing off things as to why she did not need to respect me.   Our friends comment was "and this is a parent?".

I enjoyed the humorous story, and very glad that I never listened to the tape myself!


mulderfan said...

Yeah, most people are "gobsmaked" when they hear the way my Nparents have treated me.

Winterskiprincess said...

Often my relatives believe it could not be "that bad". Even my husband was guilty of this, before he received five phone calls at work from the monster and some more from Spermy at work while his mother lay dying in hospice.

They can hide it real well, and as long as they serve food and drinks to other family members, and dish out "their side" of the will most likely remain that way.