Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow, snow, snow and then some more snow

We will be enjoying our first real snow storm today.  I have six dogs to get out in the snow (that means we have four guest boarders).  Our daycare may come along if his owner feels like braving the blizzard today.

I tried to complete a blog posting titled "Apologies, Acknowledgements, and Boundaries, Oh My!", but my mind is distracted by going out and having some fun!

That is a good thing:)

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mulderfan said...

My Dutch Shepherd LOVES the snow...they use them for avalanche rescue in Europe.

My German Shepherd was seized in December five years ago by the Humane Society after being left for days in an outdoor run without food, water or shelter. Weighing only 36 pounds, he had frostbitten ears and feet. They say dogs don't remember things for more than a few minutes but he still hates tall men and being outside in winter!

I used to live in the country and there's nothing quite like being snowed in when you don't have to venture out. Only trick was no well water when the power goes out but we used to melt snow and boil it on the BBQ!

Have fun with the dogs! I'm jealous!