Sunday, December 05, 2010

This Point in My Estrangement

I love these days where the donors are not in my head.   When I wonder if I should write something in my blog, but have nothing more to say about it really.  

I never before this year had found the wealth of other blogs out there about people dealing with narcissistic or sociopath parents before (or psychopathic for that matter).   I wish I had these resources when I was first struggling to come to terms with what exactly was wrong.   I do hate labelling people,but the definitions in these cases point to something that many other people experience.  It is comforting to know you are not alone, and to read with how others dealt with it (whether estranged or still struggling through the relationship).

It helps explain a lot to you how the very people that made you don't love you, or look at you just as a resource or possession.   Realizing it is not you, that you are not inherently unlovable, unworthy of respect, or unworthy of kindness and empathy, it gives you the solice and courage to move on from that point and to grow.

I am happy to see so many more voices out there sharing their experiences.   I am still learning things about estrangement and dealing with it through these blogs.   If you are in this situation, please visit the blogs to the left, and know you are far from alone.

I have provided summary pages on my experience.   Unless direct or indirect contact happens, I probably will continue with rare informational writings.   I am pretty happy where I have found myself and where my life is at.

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mulderfan said...

Well said...peace at last! I beginning to know the feeling.