Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh, Damn-Formally Titled How Do I Keep This Grin Off My Face!

Out on assignment walking a client's dog today, and in order to use the backroads to get there and back, I have no reasonable alternative other than to pass near the S Donor's house. You know they have a summer home exactly one street over.

Darned it, don't I see a for sale sign either at their house or their neighbor's house. They were there, so I couldn't very well investigate.

Can you say Hoo Fing Ray!!! OMG, this is the best birthday present (it passed but is in this month) ever if I am right!!!! I only hope for their sake, the Monster isn't trying this on her own LOL.

Oh Dammit to hell!! It's the fing neighbor to them's house that is up for sale:( I almost had the best birthday present ever:(

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