Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-Thirteen Services I use to Post My Blog

Here are thirteen services I use to promote and publish my blogs:

1. Well blogspot of course. The only downside to typepad is there is no photo album!! However, there is also no fee, and no hyjinx with billing. I hate typepad, and I love blogspot. As soon as I get all my typepad stuff over here, they are gone!!
2. Feedburner. This is what gets your blog out there to various services. It also foots posts that you program on blogspot's site feed to your blog. There can be some fun had there, let me tell you .
3. Technorati. Not sure exactly what this does, other than puts my blogs on yet another service, which is not a bad thing. Also let's me customize tags for my blog as a whole. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE, IT WILL POST YOUR REAL NAME ON EVERYTHING. SERIOUSLY. DON'T ASK HOW I KNOW THIS, BUT IT'S HOW MY FAMILY FOUND MY SITE!!! WHOOPS. OH, IT ALSO POSTS YOUR USER ID, SO DON'T USE YOUR NAME, UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE FOUND. LIKE MY BUSINESS USES MY NAME:)
4. Google Video (used to be video egg or YouTube). Course this has had many glitches lately so in the meantime I have gone back to Youtube. Video Egg has gone commercial as in advertising, and you can no longer store your misc videos on there.
5. YouTube, a great place to store your video. Pretty easy to use as well, once you figure it out. You can also upload your video now right to blogspot, but I think there was a glitch so I stopped for awhile. Or I couldn't figure out how to have that video recognized elsewhere.
6. Yahoo images, to get those great cute cartoons on my blogs that I do not do or own myself.
7., is an alternate source for my dog training blog. It is peopled by mostly purely positive dog trainers and other professionals, and other people looking. So it's a great venue to get an alternative point of view out. Course, you can tell they are completely one sided, and I will likely never be a "featured" blogger no matter how much I contribute.
8. Sitemeter, so I can see who is visiting. Hahaheehee. Also to be very impressed with how much my visitors have grown, and that people seem to identify with the same, yet not much talked about, situation that I am in.
9. Livejournal. I can't remember why, but when I need it, I remember why!!! Do not use this that much, I suspect there is a blog there I frequent that required membership.
10. Google, I use the bookmark feature to store the blogs that I like to frequent.
11. Typepad, refusing to use for anything else other than to transfer my records over!!!
12. Blogroll. I also don't remember why. (Oh, whoops, okay it's because I found MyBlogLog that puts readers on your blog of the most recent kind, and catelogs blogs that you frequent)I think it's to be able to post other blogs you like on your website or as you add them. However, I haven't been able to really figure it out yet. Apparently there is also Blogrolling, of which I am also a member, and see where I can add the code.
13 I keep trying to figure this out. This is a service where you can share music downloaded to your computer on your blog or website!! There is a Pink song that I have wanted to put on THIS website for awhile. "You're just like a pill, instead of making me better you're making me ill." Pretty much says how I feel about certain members of my family!! Well not any more, the no contact thing has made me better ie not taking the pill.

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