Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Lord It's January 13th Already?

The weather this week has been sunny, relatively warm, and wonderful for beach/dog activities. Really great January so far, the only problem is that it seems to be winging by fast.

My business has a lineup of 5 regular training customers in a month that normally has no customers. None of these are "emergency" cases, and all the owners seem very into and loving towards their dogs. And they are doing the work!!

My marketing plan for my business seems to be coming together, and by the increase in business might actually be working :) Jack, Brie, and Devon's training is coming along so that we will be competing by late winter or early spring.

I am almost caught up on personal and business paper work, and my taxes are ready to go when my w-2 comes in.

Life at the beginning of 2008 is good. Not that I have that much to complain about anyway.

Oh maybe one thing, it's not very funny that the higher power has seen fit to make my dog allergy kick into high gear this year. But if I have to train dogs with itchy eyes and skin, so be it.

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