Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things That Make Me Relapse Into Negativity

Here are thirteen things that contribute to lapsing back into my feelings of resentment due to my estrangements (not that any of these can be helped):

  1. The "sighting" of a family member from whom I am estranged.

  2. Other people's happy and seemingly normal interactions with their families.

  3. Any time I see a father and daughter or a mother and daughter that I don't know having a good time together.

  4. Television shows that show "special and happy" family moments of which I did experience a great many of them.

  5. A white Lexus "SUV?" with silver logo.

  6. A white Jeep Cherokee (okay my monster has a thing with white, as you will follow)

  7. Any living room that has all white furniture (on tv or in person).

  8. Moms or step moms on shows like Dr Phil that are nasty and out of control (especially if the claim "that's not me" while watching video of themselves).

  9. Antique shows, dealers, or antique shops.

  10. Women in fur coats.

  11. Holidays, though that is getting less and less as our own traditions are coming into play.

  12. People on the beach that look like the monster and S donor from a distance.

  13. Other friends or families divorces or marital problems.

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