Monday, January 28, 2008

S Donor and Monster's New Condo

Can you imagine that the S Donor did not send me a forwarding address? It was very embarrassing when I sent the family calendar out with the address of a man who shares the S Donor's name (and was also a principal LOL) but was no relation. I am sure embarrassing for him.

I did figure it out by talking to family members, but haven't updated the address to reflect it. He can change it if he wants to call and explain how he did not bother to send contact info (unlike how I did in my last Thanksgiving Greeting 3 years ago that went ignored). He's a loving guy, and I remain surprised that no one has replied to my advertisement to find him a new daughter to be emotionally and verbally abusive to.

Any who, here's his new house, and I hope he and the monster spent all their newfound inherited gains on this property and their new cars. I hope all those material things give them the happiness that they have searched for in vain, and perhaps made them a bit less miserable to be around.

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