Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good Morning & A Dog's Take on Proper Nutrition

We have a lovely lady Doberman named Jazzabelle. Jazzabelle has been with us for 11 years, and was adopted at age 3. So she is a very old lady of age 14 (Dobermans' average age is about 11). She has been healthy most of her life, except for very mild epilepsy which never resulted in grand mal type seizures.

As an old lady now though she has a slight heart murmur (nothing that will necessarily get worse) and wobblers. Wobblers has to do with the spine, and is neurolgical in nature. She can't always be alerted to when her poops (and sometimes pee) will come out. So I time her goings out to approximately when I know she will go, and also every first thing I do in the morning and last thing I do at night. Recently, (like this year) crate sleeping has helped to keep the clean up to a minimum and help better control this.

Course, the thing is, Jazz is incredibly stubborn, especially if she is feeling especially "perky". She has been especially perky lately, so I gave in and opened up the crate after 15 minutes of barking. I could have quieted her, but I knew she would go back into the crate, she just didn't want the door closed because that means "she was made to go into the crate". Very fluffy yet highly washable bedding insures that she likes the crate.

So this morning she came up, trotted to the bed, and hopped up before I could get to her. I would have thought nothing happened, but Leon wrinkled his nose, and then a "smell" came to me. Two poops had plopped out on the bed!! So I am in the process of getting everyone off to drag the bedding downstairs, when Jazz snatches one up and eats it. Horrors, my little delicate flower has done this more than once, I am guessing.

Dogs are gross.

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