Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Revoking My Family Membership  I hope to be able to write this well and thoroughly on my experience one day.   Very powerful, and some "aha" moments.

Reconciliation After Estrangement 

When Estrangement is Necessary  An interesting piece and view of going through estrangement.  

How Do I Explain A Family Rift to Children?  Also a nice bonus regarding the author's own experience with her child and the rift of divorce.

How to Deal With the Estrangement of An Adult Daughter?

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found my article, and am grateful for your posting it for others to find. I'm 6 years out from my estrangement, and about 3 since writing the article. Through that time I've evolved into feeling nothing but peace and gratitude towards my family. All of the residual anger and resentment as passed. I say this still estranged. I am resolved in these relationships as well. If my parents die, I have nothing that needs to be regrets.

Two tools that have been profoundly imperative on my journey are EMDR and Body Talk. I do not know how anyone could find peace without either (if not both). I have also discovered alternate sources of connecting beyond people and God energy. These means of connection have come as I've been ready. And it took me three years+ to be ready to open up again.

Interestingly one source has been ancestry. In the last 6 months I've been doing intense ancestory research...and it has been incredibly insightful. I see themes that have passed down the tree for centuries. I also have discovered where energetic rot set in that more specifically impacted closer generations. It's allowed me to connect with my family on a whole different level. Besides and google...other outside interpreters can help. My Body Talk worker is expert and can get that deep. Not all can...there are other sources of help too.

I share all this validating everyones feelings of, "My family sucks!" But also as a light on the horizon that life gets better...much, much better. Even miraculous. Hang tight, set your intentional compass and follow all the leads and guides that are presented to you on the trail. I wouldn't trade my journey in for anything. It has been perfect...and I trust yours is as well.