Saturday, August 06, 2011

Well If Nothing Else Spermy is CONSISTENTLY a Dickhead

I love consistency.  I use it very much in dog training, as the communication is so much more clear.   "Loving" and oh "so sorry" Spermy went to the local flea market today.   Obviously, NOT realizing that we set up there every week or so.

I was at home waiting for some dog owners, when on the phone with hubby, he said that he saw Spermy poking about.   Now Robert has lost sixty pounds, and is at a weight that perhaps Spermy never saw him at before.   Course we have had the bright yellow Nissan with my company name on it for sometime, but I am guessing that I genetically have the lack of observation from Spermy.   Another proof that as mystifying as it is, we apparently are related and this was no mistake (no switched babies at the hospital sadly enough for me).

I had thought Spermy McHasPutOnThePoundsandisStillaMiserableSonofaBitch would probably be gone by the time I got there.  But of course husband made me look and see him by pointing.  Now it's one thing to treat me like shit on a stick (after all I ruined his life not only by being born, but talking about the unacknowledged truth of my childhood and adult life with Spermy),

My husband tells me Spermy McShitHead actually wandered into our booth.   Looked around at things (now I have always been into Snoopy, Barbie, and Tea), which really should have rung a bell in his brain, which has apparently not expanded as much as his girth (yeah, good luck stepbro with taking care of the old folks, as they are certainly not going to make it easy for you).  Then, according to Robert's report, their eyes meet.   Robert makes a smile.   Spermy squints and then grimaces at him.

Oh sorry, was it Robert badgering you while your mother was dying about whether his wife should sell their house or not?  Oh maybe it was Robert calling your spouse to turn her on you?  No that F wad was him.  If anyone should be grimaced at JackOFF, it should be him.  

I should really thank him though for consistently being the total piece of shit that he is.  


mulderfan said...

A leopard doesn't change its spots, or once an asshole, always an asshole!

Winterskiprincess said...

Ah, but those of us on the "hamster wheel" always long for the fairy tale ending!