Monday, September 08, 2008

Boogey Board Queen

Yesterday was an awesome beach day. Besides it being the perfect degrees with cooling wind that made you the perfect temperature, the storm also blew in some warmer water from the south.

Not only that, the waves were soaring above us, and then crashing into us like a linebacker . Makes it a bit tiring, if you are like me and can actually catch a wave (especially all the way in) like me, and sadly unlike the husband:( Perhaps we will have another coaching session today. It was quite a workout, fun but battling the waves back in was exhausting eventually, even though I would have liked to have stayed out.

Not being a strong swimmer, and being able to feel the undertoe, plus finding myself in above my head more than once, I thought it best to air on the side of caution after a half hour to forty five glorious minutes of that.

I caught four incredible waves in, and then seven or eight so so rides that were short. The four were really good, and at one point me and another lady were flying right beside each other, and I had to steer my board for the first time so that we wouldn't collide head on!

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