Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Commercials-Come On Welcome to the 21st Century!!

Here I am lounging in bed, watching....something. I don't know, I am lazing in bed like I was a teenager on a weekend day. Course I have already gotten up to feed and poop/pee all the dogs et. But then I rounded everyone up in bed.

I have seen four commercials, all involving women cooking for their men folk. Are you kidding me? As far as I know, a lot of men cook. It's "mom makes this for football games". Who says mom doesn't get cooked for while she watches a football game? We almost got a woman running for president this year for the love of God. I am ignoring the other side's vice president candidate and believing for my own sanity's sake that McCain will not make it in with the woman, who I firmly believe will secure that no woman is ever voted for President.

You know with the scouring of pots and all.

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