Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Okay, got a comment on one of my old posts, saying that I should think about PAS, parental alienation syndrome. I know I have a blog out there, and some people might mistakenly think I am looking for THEIR advice. I am not. I am a big girl and working things out, I think quite brilliantly all by my little self.

I do not believe in hypnosis. I do not either believe people, especially people that I have disliked my whole life whether they donated to my birth or not, have some kind of mystical power over me. Especially when the actions of another party, were not known or ever commented about by the other. Duh.

One has nothing to do with the other. They are both people, separate. I dislike them both on their own standing and by their own actions. I AM NOT some helpless female or child caught in some tug of war. In fact the instigator of PAS is the Egg Donor. She was the only one that talked negatively and endlessly about the "attributes" of my sperm donor. She was the only one who tried to take revenge by writing a letter about a remarriage to my father, that she neglected to inform her own daughter about. She was the only one that encouraged me to break into my father's house to retrieve things she thought were still there. It was only her that talked about herself endlessly, thereby knowing nothing about her daughter at all. Not only by her endless talking, but by her endless disinterest and not listening.

In other words the E Donor alienated herself by her own actions, which though are talked about less in this blog as it was long ago, but are talked about. I don't get how one would think one's is worse that the other, or why that should even matter. Is this a contest, stay with the parent that is the lessor of two evils? If that is the case, my E Donor will hound you to the grave if you don't give her what you want. The S Donor just shuts up in his little passive aggressive shell. Hmmmmm, I will take the one that shuts up and stays away please. I got things to do during the day, that don't involve someone's trauma that we do not have the same taste in Christmas gifts while my Fing husband is in the hospital getting his intestine removed. Thanks.

My S Donor has done his own things. He was never allowed to be close to me in the first place, to warrant an immediate cutting off. He took this silence by me as acceptance of him doing anything he wished, and treating me any way he wished. He was wrong, and I didn't even know the depths of his suckiness. I mean I had a clue my whole life, but the last thing really took me quite off guard. He sucks it's true, but the one thing he did not do is try to pit me against my E Donor.

In fact my S Donor, wonderful guy that he is, didn't think much of me for not talking to my E Donor. Cause I am both their property to him.

Whatever issues my dear secret admirer has, could either be asked of yourself in a public forum, or you can go back to where you crawled from. Just some food for thought.

On the other hand, been running out of topics lately for this forum, thanks. Doubt I would like or sympathize with you very much, as it seems like you aren't the type of person that would take responsibility for their actions or decisions. Apparently, you feel you can be swayed by others. That is just sad.

The other thing is, the post that you posted your little comment to was a very general post. Geez, you must have been thinking about this in your little head a long time.


The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

hehe... some people have nothing better to do than analyze other people's problems... I swear! Just ignor the B.S.

As far as your father... he sounds Mormon... nothing against Mormon's, but seriously... My Sperm Donor is Mormon and parts of that were him to a T.

Thankfully I got an awesome Mom... I have a sister who calls my Mom her Mom because, like you, she got the short end of the stick in both parental departments.

I'm rambling b/c it's too early... but what I'm trying to say is we all have our issues. It's just a matter of how well we COPE with our issues. Sounds to me, like you COPE just fine! So to hell with some idiot wannabe Psych-major who thinks it's their duty to analyze your issues!

winterskibunny said...

Wise words:) I did recognize a couple of addresses on my sitemeter, so I believe it's a continuing and visiting "friend".

And we've had this online "discussion" before.

winterskibunny said...

LOL, I read moron. Yes, he is a moron but not a mormon. Heehee.

Actually the Italian Roman Catholic (though I don't know if he's a "practicing" one) male. I would say he's typical, but most just hide their feelings, but don't actually lack feelings or empathy.

Anonymous said...

You really are not a very nice person, are you? Geez, must be your parents' fault.

Robin at Mannerly Mutts said...

Actually friends and family would agree that I am a very nice person.

Not at all one that would judge someone I don't even know LOL.

Please feel free to address YOUR issues with a therapist. Might help you a bit better in the long run.


Robin at Mannerly Mutts said...

I am a nice person despite my parents:) Nobody else makes my destiny for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What is your problem? You are seriously going to regret saying all this crap about your family someday. I know you won't listen to me and that's cool but you will see. Your parents dont' sound that bad. They are human and have their faults just like you do. I'm sorry you aren't happy but everyone has their problems. Have you thought of how much you must be hurting your parents by not only not speaking to them but by posting how much you dislike them on the internet? I how you grow up someday and you ask your parents for forgiveness. You are a selfish person and I'm sorry your parents don't have a more loving child. I hope that one day you will see the erroe in your ways. Not that you've probably even read this far because that's the type of person you are. You've never made any mistakes. You know everything after all right?

I wish your parents all the happiness in the world they can find with such a cold hearted child.

Winterskiprincess said...


Talk to a therapist or create a blog for your own issues!!!

You quite resemble your comment, and probably judge many people without knowing them. From the safety of your keyboard and in your anonymouse cloak....you can lash out randomly.

However, you are lashing at someone who knows what an idiot and moron you most likely are.