Friday, September 05, 2008

First Face to Face with S Donor

My husband and I went together (me under protest as usual, but hubby likes my company for some reason) to the grocery store. I saw a white jeep of about my S Donor's make and model with a Mass license plate. Wondered fleetingly if we were in the same vacinity again.

Forgot completely about this, and we got through the store at my husband's slow and steady pace. Seriously it should not take that long to pick out a box of Rice Krispies.

We got out with my stir fry items, and the husbands umpteenth "last hurah" items. We are walking past the car again, and I think it. Bam, I notice someone of a very portly shape and build with a hairline of approcimately my S Donor. He is putting the cart away. "psssst" I go to my husband to warn him, but he thinks I am giving him a love signal. I don't know why that would be a love you signal, but then men aren't that bright.

Before he knows it they are face to face, I look away and keep walking. It was weird, except that I recognize what he looks like, he could be just a random virtual stranger to me. I didn't feel anything when I walked by him, other than the hope he wouldn't try and talk to me. I did clearly want to be sure that I projected that any advances in my direction would not be welcome.

The monster doesn't seem to be here yet. Must be out doing errands to bring food back to her lair. Like she needs that!!

I happened to see her on the beach sitting not too far away from me, and I didn't recognize her 1) because she is huge 2) because she had a butch haircut and 3) because her sister has hit the wall as well. I am only saying this because she has diabetes (supposedly) and melanoma (supposedly). So bloating up and sitting in the sun all day should help both those conditions!! You think?

Course those are no doubt my fault, as is their miserable marriage. I wish I knew I had such power when I was 18, live would have been a heck of a lot easier .

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