Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (13) Pieces of Financial Advice from My Husband

Here are thirteen ways my husband is "saving us" money:

  1. Bought Willies for 350.00 last year to plow our road. Sadly the thing needs parts every time you want to start it up, and the snow is too heavy for it to push.

  2. Turning off the boiler all the time, so there is no hot water when you need it. Not realizing how close he is coming to driving his wife over the edge if she needs to wait a *&&%$%$&^%^& half hour for WARM water again.

  3. Driving 24 miles to "fill up", not actually filling up OF COURSE, and calling that paying less for gas.

  4. Driving, first of all, to everything even if it's .7 miles away from us.

  5. Petco bought food that provides us one free bag for every ten bags. When you have three large Dobermans, that's a large savings.

  6. Buying a bike last year that he has rode maybe a handful of times, but he had to have it.

  7. Not paying the meter or getting change for it when he could, and getting a 25.00 ticket. (mine was 50.00, but he doesn't know about that shhhhhhh)

  8. Okay, this one is a good one, the pizza buffet at the Gaslight in Portsmouth, NH.

  9. Turn in empty wine bottles, and usually that goes to the price of postage stamps or shipping.

  10. Slowly replacing the light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs that last for seven years.

  11. Making sure our thermostats are timed properly in the winter to go down low in the evening, and up in the mornings (I can not wake up in a cold room).

  12. Complaining about products when they are bad, so we can get coupons and get something better in another of the company's product lines.

  13. BJs runs for things we buy in bulk once a month.

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Anonymous said...

Love #12!