Saturday, August 18, 2007

All Is Well, Great Actually

I landed a huge board & train contract for 7 weeks for a Thai Ridgeback. So that's at least 4900.00 right there plus I get to train him all the way thru. Not easy to get pet owners to part with their dogs for any period of time. This guy is a restaurant owner who is still in his peak season of business, so he desperately needs someone to take care of some training problems.

Robert has a billion (okay exaggeration) loans in his pipeline right now. So he is feeling better about his decision to change companies and go with this one now. August was a no income month (actually covered the benefits), but things are looking like they will go smoothly. (knock on wood, and hope I didn't just jinx us LOL)


gretty said...

Congrats on your contract - you have to post some pics of the sweetie guy in training. And HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

winterskibunny said...

I will, my camera of course died. It's on it's way to the repair shop, as it's an awesome camera, and I don't want to buy a brandy new one.

However, my phone camera will do until then. So I will endevour to get one on there. Although, they will most likely be on the dog training site. I shall provide a link.