Thursday, August 30, 2007

Depression Gets to The Best of Us

Owen Wilson, one of my favorite funny male actors, is reported to have possibly tried to commit suicide. I don't know that he has anything like bipolar, but I am including that in this journal as an example of possible depression. People don't realize how deep depression can go. The thought that you won't "come out of it" can be a bit much.

Even celebreties like Owen are suseptible to life and it's stresses. One can only imagine that life started to be perceived as too much for this successful male actor.

I have thought a lot about suicide lately. Especially in having a brother in law who has not dealt with health problems related directly to his weight. John Candy, for instance, left us way to early.

They say that the class clown is masking feelings of sadness or dispair. We would really like to think that they feel as happy and fun inside as they feel outside, sadly that is not always the case.

Owen, get better. We need your laughter and fun in our lives. Your fans support you in your new journey to deal with this, and hope very much that you come out the other side not only alive, but happy in your life and the people around you who love you.

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