Monday, August 13, 2007

Greed, Corporations, Countries, Politics

In business, the complete disregard for human life astounds me over and over again. Robert and I were watching a special the other day on the "Don't Snitch" culture taking hold. First of all, the rappers who are wearing huge diamond studs in their ears, own multiple Lamborghinis, talk about this business of not "snitching" on people that commit murder and other heinous crimes with such ease. Then they are selling this same attitude to their fans. Just in a community, what a horrible way to live. These are people saying if their neighbor was killed in front of them, and they knew who did it, they wouldn't "snitch". That's scary and bad enough, but it makes me absolutely ill when someone admits that they are doing it for business reasons (IE yet more money and material things after already being well off) only that makes my skin crawl.

Look at what is happening in China. Just one more thing happened recently where a toy manufacturer committed suicide after his toys were blocked from export due to high levels of paint from a supplier that he trusted, and was his close friend (supposedly). I am not blaming the Chinese companies by the way, it is us. Our greed for cheap labor, cheap product, cheaper than it could possibly be manufactured and then need to ship over at a certain price point from third world countries is the cause of it. Shame on the greedy American corporations, and I am not kidding. I have seen it happen over and over again, and this is just the tip of the fall out on what will happen. How many people have died, become ill, become mentally damaged due to these things being distributed already?
In my mind, that is JUST as evil as being a serial killer. It is in essence being a serial killer over the great green dollar. Very sad what some people will stupe to for a little profit.

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