Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nightmares and Dreams

I watched an excellent profile on the serial killer, Michael Ross. For some reason it has fascinated me to understand how someone could be so horrific and evil. I guess part of it is arming myself in case I ever find myself the unwilling "guest" of such a person. I think there is little that could be done, but it's possible a bit of knowing how they work MIGHT save you. Or at least that is what I tell myself when I watch these indepth interviews. Much of this was in Ross's own words, and he was laughing and smiling through most of it. The thing that struck me that he said was "once they caught my eye they were dead." Now he could have been boasting, he was obviously proud of all the horror and sadness that he had caused, and it might be that some that "caught his eye" did escape. A chilling thought nontheless.

So that night, of course, I dreamed we were going on a vacation. We were in an airport, and our flight was delayed. I notice some guy looking over at us. Then this guy seems to be the person to help us put our belongings through the scanner, but he is scamming and takes off with my husband's lap top computer, and we are in hot pursuit. Then my husband becomes my cousin who is slight, just the way Ross liked him. And this guy keeps popping up everywhere we go. he is obviously up to no good and we are scared. It was worse than that, but I am going through this days later, like I hate, and lost some of the detail of the dream.

Dream next night Again me and my husband are going on a trip to Bermuda. We are in an airport but our flight is cancelled. So we need to drive there? Anyway, it's a dream about a fun adventure trying to get there not flying. All the details are somewhat foggy, but I remember that we did make it to the resort.

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