Monday, August 27, 2007

My Husband Is Trying to Poison Me, Again

I used to like chopped liver. That is until....yesterday night around 2:19am to 6:00am for the main fireworks.

Husband thoughtfully bought American Kosher chopped liver for me. Felt it tasted funny but still gave it to me. I just thought it wasn't made that good, and so I gobbled up some.

Didn't feel anything funny until I woke up at 2:19am with the distinct feeling that something ugly was gonna happen if I didn't get to the toilet pronto. Then from that time until 6am it would stop after six times, and then 15 minutes later it would start all over again like the first time.

Now there have been other incidents with my husband. My most favorite that comes to mind is when hubby put the stool softeners in the aspririn bottle. Um, I unfortunately got a headache and thought I took some aspirin. My husband was like "couldn't you tell those pills weren't aspirin?" Gee, no, never thought to question what type of pills might be in the ASPIRIN bottle.

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