Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Terror-Dead Silence

Dead Silence is the movie of my day. And it has family estrangement in it, so I'ma gonna use it!!! I don't really want to ruin any of the mystery so I will summarize it briefly.

Couple, who are married and in love, receive ventroquist dummy in unmarked package at their door. Some mention of like "oh isn't that like the scary poem our parents used to tell us?" Sadly didn't prompt them to throw out doll right there. Tragedy strikes. Cops on wrong trail. Husband to solve crime, and the mystery begins......

After a trip back to creepy home town with creepier father with new young wifey. Not perhaps the best acting that I have seen, but decent plot and twists that had me not nodding off. Wasn't quite scared by it, per say. Even though it's about creepy dolls. Maybe I have just seen too many movies about creepy dolls.

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gretty said...

Yeah for Tuesday Terror! I am totally into horror movies and can always use suggestions!