Sunday, August 05, 2007

RIP Jordan/Sorry For The Halt In Regularly Scheduled Programing

Soon after my last post, the first of some dog trainer guests came over. I have been attending a dog training school run by Margot Woods. It got a bit busy once visitors came and the school got started, needless to say.

Best money that I have ever spent in my life. It is hard to describe what could possibly go on in a dog training seminar that would make that much of an impact to non-professional dog training people or your average pet owner. Really the difference one can make in their dog quickly is stunning.

I don't mean in a day, and more importantly I don't mean with sloppy training. No one around this area (and Margot has come from Far Away) dispenses this kind of information, education, demonstration, and results. The art of dog training has long been diminished into something else, and also it has not been given it's due respect. I don't know how to adequately communicate (yet) the lack and why that is a scary thing for EVERY dog owner, lover, and dog industry professional. Needless to say, if you enjoy owning dogs, the state of our future looks bleak if the trend continues as it does in league with the animal rights movement.

Now I am wondering if this and what is about to follow should more appropriately go on my business blog. However, those in the industry and clients go to the business blog, as well as attendees of this seminar, of which one, I am not about to speak nicely about.

The very first day of the first morning of the seminar, this individual (who is far removed from a dog trainer) announced to me that a Doberman I worked with at a shelter in the area had passed. I believe I know when he passed, and people at the shelter and this person would have known Neptune had passed on, who was the only reason I had not adopted one of the few favorites I had there. Everyone there knew that Jordan was a favorite, and I had left messages with several that if anything ever happened where Jordan came back, that I would want to be contacted immediately as a possible home for him.

By the way, he went to a home that concerned me in the first place. I had actually left volunteering at this shelter when he was placed. Additionally, I used to joke (thinking they wouldn't give him to this home) that I would as soon kidnap Jordan from there than allow him to be placed before I left. Well, he went to that home that did not have a strong training background.

Jordan was a dog that was reactive and difficult, but with the right relationship and handling was a doll and DRIVEN. I can't even imagine what a dynamo this dog would have been in a training home. A picture of his eyes looking straight into mine, as one of his ears was rakishly bent over one eye like a cowlick just came to mind and AGAIN brought tears to my eyes. He was such a great dog.

This person that announced this to me, had been jealous of the fact that I started a business and that I liked and worked with Jordan so much. This person has not been able to train anyone of their three dogs, much less get them to be able to live in the same room in her house EVER. Somehow despite this lack of any kind of talent or ability whatsoever, she managed to befriend the training director at the shelter, and had actual input into training program and her thoughts on the dogs and their abilities.

We had butted heads after she published her angst against me, as she did not initially know (as I had told her, only the training director) that I was working in the public already, training. She posted publically on a board about me, and did say something cryptic about Jordan at that time. No one gave me a heads up on the actual situation, and I had only thought she was disparing of Jordan getting adopted at all. Now this shelter keeps these dogs until they find the "right home" (obviously this doesn't always work out so well) unless there was something very drastically wrong medically or tempermentally. So I was only worried because Marylin was giving input, and I thought putting feelers out about adopting Jordan herself. Anyway, there was no love lost between me and this person, but I felt the shelter and the training director would be looking out for Jordan to the best of their ability, and then Jordan became adopted.

Neptune died, and I saw this person again at a seminar. Over dinner, this announced another dog, Moondancer, had died due to kidney failure. I let her know that in the future, if one of these dogs that I worked with was "gone", and there was nothing that I could do, I would rather not know about it. The training director at the shelter was close to quitting by this point, and soon this SHEEP would follow in suit, as this person's only strength was creating even a bigger rift at the shelter that she was at between the training director and the director of the shelter. This person is a manipulative, destructive, groupie, trainer wanna be, of the worst sort. Their manic jealousy and ------pure evil------ is just a part and parcel of their personality.

Anyway, this person knew what was going to happen to Jordan during the seminar and shortly thereafter, where I was, and how to contact me. At this point, there was no contact.

Fast forward a few years later, this weekend at the seminar, now this person feels it necessary (and by the way this has seen me out there training since, as she seems to have nothing better to do than cling onto actual professional trainers) to tell me of Jordan's death. Almost with relish, and without any preamble on my part to encourage discussion. I make it clear to this person, I would rather not know nor discuss it with them. Of course it was with me for the rest of the day. I was too slow to school my features so she would not know what this person had done to me, though I managed not to cry (or punch this person in the Fing face).

Then, the very next day, this person is again in front of me, and starts telling me that Jordan would not have been for me. This pissant who can not even Fing train their own dogs, suddenly knows who is good for me. This person compliments me on my Jackie, who is awesome, and disses my Leon, who this person has seen on exactly two occaisions. That Jackie is better for me than Leon, who has an injury and has not been in training. This person can not even recognize the reason that Jackie looks like he does, is that he has been in training, and he was a total nut job before and aggressive to other dogs for crying out loud. I love Jackie too, my point is that this ...... piece of shit can not even recognize what dog training does, and what would have happened with Jordan. The potential for these dogs, as far as this non entity is concerned is only in what can be seen in a moment in time that passes and is changed.

And for this, I wasn't contacted, and Jordan was put to sleep in the home that was selected for him. He may have had a far different life, but this egotistical nobody had influence that decided his fate, and her jealousy and inability to see her own limitations, in the end, cost him his life.

Jordan, I am sorry that I did not walk up to your kennel my last day, and stuff you in my truck. Truly I am. If I had known or suspected that my pleas to be contacted would not be taken seriously, I would have done it for sure. I promise you that. Jordan, you taught me so much, and there is less joy in the world now that I know you have passed. This person let me know when I could do nothing about it, and kept it from me when I may have been able to make a difference. Please forgive me for that failing. I love you Jordan. This person was neither of our friends, and didn't give a shit about you. I am not have nice thoughts about them right now.

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