Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lovely Weather Again

Ahhhhh, weather in the high seventies again, and not the nineties. Just lovely. I was taking like three showers a day, changing my clothes about that many times, while training the dogs before. Now I can be in cute little outfits for the whole day again and not wonder if I have started to reek!!! LOL.

My camera is back, so pictures of the Thai Ridgeback puppy at Mannerly Mutts Academy for dogs are bound to show up soon. How sweet, it cost nothing to get it fixed. So relieved as I am totally in love with that camera.

The phone thing works okay, but then I need to take the extra step to e-mail each one to my computer. Yuck. And you can only take so many on your phone of course.

****Another blogger plus recently added, is that it automatically saves your posts now.

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