Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Dreaded Father's Day

I think a lot about my grandfather on this day. He was a man that liked doing projects. He liked birds and wildlife. He loved his wife, though she could be a bit much at times LOL. Sorry gram, but you know you drove everyone crazy, especially your husband. Heehee. However, those two spent so much time together, had trips, went bowling.... All in all, it was one of those friendships that should last beyond the grave. I hope gramp and gram have met up now. I also hope gramp, that you get the occaisional "errands" to give you a break as before.

Gramp loved kids and babies. He very much loved his grandkids and later great grand kids. He came from a large family of eight or nine siblings. I think he has one sister left, and everyone else has passed on. I hope my gramp has been reunited with them and his parents as well. I know it was tough for both Gramp and Gram to see their sisters and brothers mostly pass on before them. They both lived to see my step brother, Josh, die as well.

Happy father's day Grandpa. I miss you, and hope you are with your loved ones. We will see you a little later!! I hope you have found birds to feed up there!!

My father in law passed away earlier on this year. Actually just last month:( I hope he and my mother in law are united. They were also a dynamic couple who loved their kids and grandkids. When they were younger, they did a lot of traveling together. My father in law didn't feel quite up to it anymore later on in life. He had a very hard time with his bipolar disease through his whole life, but still managed to have an independent life, work, and support his family. It was a condition that would have put a strain on the best of marriages, but their marriage survived it.

He and my husband talked almost every day on the phone about something. He looooovvvveed sports. He had bonded with the boys over that early on. Although he was not biologically my husband's father, he was the only one to be a father to my husband thru both childhood and adulthood.

He also loved dogs, and he would talk to me about that as long as I wanted to:) Happy father's day Poop, you were a good dad to a lot of people. We will meet up with you later on!

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