Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday Terror-P2, Cloverfield, The Orphanage

Here is a tip on Netflix. If it's foreign and horror on instant play, it's probably really good. Otherwise, not so much. So instant play English and Horror, probably worth while just playing it for a few minutes to verify that it completely sucks, and then take it out of your que!!

However, these are various movies that I have seen lately, that are deservingly well made horror movies IMHO.

P2 Very cool thriller about a parking attendant that has gone over the edge. I found it suspenseful and gripping. Also the woman in this is not your typical girly screamy victim.

Cloverfield I waited for this movie with baited breathe for so long, I was sure that I was going to be disappointed. I really enjoyed this film. Good traditional giant sized monster story, from the video of a single video camera.
Well worth the wait, and I loved this.

The Orphanage Subtitled spanish horror movie about a woman that wants to reopen an orphanage that she was brought up in, to rehabilitate troubled or special needs youth. This has a couple of really good mysteries in it. Very frightening in places.
This was out on Netflix for instant play before it was ever available on movies on demand et!!!

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