Monday, June 30, 2008

Typepad Is Holding My Money Hostage

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Typepad is a service that I have used for a couple of years now. I haven't been entirely happy with them as they say you are paying the "pro" charge for a certain space of storage for files that you can never upload. Then they began hiding that info in the account, so you wouldn't know how much you were not getting.

So they prebill years, and that's fine. Last year they collected two years of payments from me erroneously. I was fine with that, as I saw my account page showed me up to date until June 2009. Then the end of June comes, AND MY ACCOUNT IS SHUT OFF. I explain what happens, and the accounting/customer service department starts talking to me like I am the idiot. I just love that, and they are not listening.

From June 19th until June 24th, they insist there is no fax number or e-mail to send billing documents to, but that you need to upload. What a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how the upload tool DOES NOT WORK. Yeah, good luck with that.

So after having to send several nasty messages to customer service, I finally get the e-mail that I needed. Course they send over the wrong one first, and then taunt me that if I send it by fax it will just take longer. I have very rarely had such bad service before. I can assure you, that I have never done business with the company again that gave it to me.

So I send the the pdf file with all of the credit card info, they can't find the e-mail for two more days. By the time they do, they claim they can only see one page of a 9 page pdf. Fine, I start sending them it page by page. Now the story is the file was damaged, they couldn't read it at all, but brought in a team of experts that worked on it for 30 seconds, and bingo they have the info that they need.

Course now they are refusing to refund me the money, even if I cancel the service and they can't deliver the service that I am paying for. So I will now commence my daily posting on this blog of exactly this statement for every day of service. You know, you just don't want to piss me off in this way.

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