Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (13) Random Things

Thursday thirteen random things:

  1. I have to pee right now, but realize I haven't updated this blog since Monday!!
  2. I am confused by why my step-monster has added her previous marriage name to her last name as in [old married name]-[new married name]. That would piss me off!!
  3. I miss my hubby when he doesn't work from home:(
  4. My eyes itch, I believe I forgot my friggin allergy medicine-----AGAIN.
  5. Okay, I gave up wine, weight should go down already. Really, this is madness.
  6. I have six dogs sound asleep and snoring all around me.
  7. Found out that Devon, my tenant's dog, can and will catch and kill birds. A little different than being a hunting "bird" dog, as they are dented when he retrieves them back.
  8. Coffee intake in the morning, makes me really have to pee. Yet, I forget to when I get busy.
  9. I really think people should believe everything that I do.
  10. Little concerned that their may be a bee's nest in the attic. Good job for super hubby.
  11. Need to wash down old lady's crate for incontinence in the evening or early morning hours. One would think I would learn to get up a little earlier, but I always think I am going to avoid it.
  12. I used to want big boobs, now I would kill for my A sized ones back.
  13. My feet are suffering from the summer dog training months, as usual, with blisters and roughness.

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