Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Presidential Sports

This presidential up and coming race is looking a lot like a sporting event to me, like the Superbowl, but a little more at stake than just winning a trophy LOL. Looks like Hillary is not going to make it as a nominee. Sadly that is who I was planning to vote for.

Obama has things going for him, but he's a bit slick for my tastes. I am also concerned about his lack of experience, although it could mean looking at the situation with fresh new eyes. Not necessarily a bad thing, but there is a learning curve there, and you don't want any newbie mistakes happening in the beginning. That could spell disaster. The Muslim thing, that doesn't worry me because Muslim does not = terrorist!!! He is an American and I don't believe he is a secret agent for either Pakistan or Iraq. In fact, I welcome someone who will not make Christianity the thought process for his decision making, and will probably stay well away from his religious issues. That is a plus. What is with the disastrous alliance with these priests though LOL? Though let's face it, if I was up for president, and you had interviewed say my grandmother (who BELIEVED SHE WAS NOT RACIST) you would have gotten some very newsworthy quotes. I would not have disowned my grandmother, so being these are old family friends, I do understand the logic.

So it may come down to Obama or McCain. Mr McCain has made some very funny yet questionable jokes when running for office. You can't help imagining this over the phone to some diplomat. Yikes. On the other hand, he seems "real" and you sees what you gets kind of a guy. Where Obama has a slickness which I am interpreting as kind of a fakeness, and not sure what you get when the race is over. I mean you don't know what McCain will be either, other than he is been in politics forever, and is pretty knowledgeable about foreign policy et at this key time. Which of course, brings us to his age and health. So, if I were to vote for him, I would be very interested in who his Vice President is. Guess that can't be Hillary, sigh.

Now if Hillary became aligned with Obama, that would have to seal the deal for me. I don't think Vice Presidents do not do anything, and she would at the least be a good sounding board with some experience, assuming they could work together. So you would have the "older" experience with the "fresher" outlook. It might be a good balance.

Not that it matters, but this would be a big historical moment too. First non white or male president (assuming Hillary can still win) and first female Vice President. I mean, I guess I could say non-white Vice President, but I really don't think Hillary can pull out of this. I may still write her in on my ticket though.

We shall see.

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