Monday, February 18, 2008

Airing Out the Family Room Today

It's a lazy daisy President's Day here in Maine. It has turned springlike once again. This back and forth from freezing to melting is killing me....perhaps literally . Seems it's a haven for the breeding dust mites that I am most allergic to. Meds are working well though, although they make me famished, and I am now at my heaviest. Yipee. Need to lock that down, and learn how to deal with the new meds, as I am not about to give them up.
I am still in my "bunny and carrot" pajamas and new Acorn slippers (awesome). My dogs and the tenants dogs are busy alternating between lazying around and playing rough with each other as the spirit moves them. I am thinking "when is dinner" and I just ate lunch (see what I mean about the new meds).
In typing this, I am procrastinating (actively) from all I need to do today. Need to get in Brie and Jack's training for the day. I need to work out, and I need to get out the last of my promo mailing for my business. I suspect I am about to play Spider Solataire instead.
God, I am a lazy ass today, but it feels so right:)

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