Saturday, February 02, 2008

Doctor's appointment

I finally went to an allergist after dicking around with my primary care physician and eye doctor (neither of whom pointed me to an allergist, I just wasn't going to wait until they blessed me with a referral). You know all the things that have been happening (ear infection, inflamed eyes, wheezing,) may all be allergy related. One would think my primary care physician's nurse (couldn't get in to see the doctor that day) would have taken pity on me and referred me out.

I am thinking about changing for that. I never want a veterinarian or physician that doesn't refer out. With the veterinarians that do it, it's always about the money because they don't want (if the specialist is in another clinic that sees the general public) to loose their business. Aggravating that you need to take a lot of this into your own hands, due to the downslide of (well every industry) medical care.

Wednesday, I should get all the proper tests done. I had to come off my allergy medicine so that they could test properly. Husband reported that those scratch tests "hurt". Thanks hon. Course he's a wussy boy LOL.

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