Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (13) Accomplishments This Year

Okay, here are thirteen accomplishments or things that I have taken care of this year:

  1. Got the rate freeze approved on my mortgage for two years.

  2. My sales in my business are doubled for this quarter once I sell 90.00 for the quarter.

  3. Made time for a mini vacation with my husband, and am leaving the dogs at home:(

  4. Have recruited my tenant, and two students for training to AKC Novice A Level.

  5. Made a marketing strategy and am following it.

  6. Took care of myself, and my an appointment with an allergist without a referral. Guess what, extremely allergic to pollen, dust and dogs. Friggin regular doctors couldn't get me the referral I needed?

  7. I am in a good place with my family estrangements. I may have also helped the E Donor move on with her life.

  8. Trying to be a better and more frequent calling daughter in law.

  9. Doing consistent run thrus and matches with Jack and Bri.

  10. Signed Jack and Bri for three trials this year, which will hopefully result in a CD.

  11. Putting myself out there talking to people and marketing my business.

  12. Joining organizations to promote my business and/or interests.

  13. Filed my taxes in February!!!

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