Saturday, February 09, 2008

All Good News, Sorry:)

Luckily, I do write this blog for myself mainly. I like to share experiences with others, but mostly it's for me to look back on, and see where improvements are being made and how I am changing. It's something that is hard to judge unless you have written evidence!!! So, I don't take it personally as my audience dwindles as the news becomes better. If anything, it's a sign that my "tude" is improving. Don't worry though, something is BOUND to come up. There will one day be that second event where we are all in the same room again, but the Monster will have heard about the specialized punching bag:)
And we probably won't need to revisit any Valentine's Day Poetry!! It seems that exercise also hit the spot and did the job, as far as expunging certain feelings.

Anyhow, now that I have the itching under control by FINALLY going to see an allergist and skipping any need for referral, and finding out (duh, and me without any medical degree) "yes you are allergic, and here is a list." What a relief!!! I actually know what's wrong, have new meds to help, have a doctor that understands what is going wrong, AND now realize how much this has been affecting me for a long time. It's very similar to when I finally got the help and drugs for bipolar. To feel normal, and not know you were not feeling normal in the first place. To suspect that something far more sinister was going on in your body, and then find out there are these meds you can take (which though aggravating because I don't like to be reliant on meds, what if I become an earthy crunchy hermit someday....yeah right) that actually relieve the problem!!! Seriously, I suddenly feel 500% better. I thought all this time I was getting the worst dry skin in the winter, and not recognizing that I was breaking out in an allergic rash. Took my eyes to swell shut for this to occur to me.

Even with our financial worries, I can say that this point in our lives (me and my husband) has been the happiest and most fullfilling. Especially for me because of being self employed and making this work for me. My husband loves where we live et, and successful in his career, but I think someday he would like to be self employed to. So I am also working on my business with that in mind. The risk has been worth the stress in the other rewards, and we have scaled back on other things. We have managed to make a short vacation work by selling gold scrap, cell phones, and my old tea business stuff. Also we have cashed in points earned on our AMEX card. Therefore, essentially, our upcoming ski trip is free and not as "luxurious" as usual, but I plan to ski myself to exhaustion anyway. I think it's important for Robert as well, and it's a healthy vacation for us physically.

One piece of very bad news. My father in law was just diagnosed with melanoma:( Rob's mom died of cancer two plus years ago now. So that's pretty scary.

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