Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gold Scrap & Ski Trip

My husband informed me recently that gold is at it's highest. See, we are trying to fund our ski trip, that we have no financial business going on. So the husband has been piecing this together by selling collectibles and such. He has come up with 340.00 and hotel and lift tickets cost 478.00. Then there is the food and gas and such. Pretty good job though.

Well, I mention this as the husband pilfered my jewelry box. He came up with a gold heart that the S Donor had given me one Christmas, that he knows I refuse to wear. I feel a little guilty, but I did donate the heart to the fund. Truthfully, it never had a kind of sentimental value to me, or meant that I had a good relationship with my S Donor. It does us more good going into the fund for skiing.

Still, I do have that niggling feeling of guilt. I am sure it will ease up when I am on the slopes.

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