Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Three doggie guests went home yesterday!! All lovely dogs, but I am soaking up the peace and quiet of being with my own very lazy and sleepy dogs right now!! Plus anytime you have many dogs, any horrid thing that can happen will go wrong. Jazzy leaked on the bed. She's old, has an estrogen problem, and wobblers. It doesn't happen often, and we are prepared when it does with the appropriate mattress covers. It was a biggie, and I was like "check".

Then my guys got a bit of loose bowels, which was all taken care of outside and due to the heat. But you limit their food intake when it happens, and then you get doggie spit up from the "I am hungry and obviously starving syndrome". No matter how hard you try, you never get them to do this 100% out the door, and then you need to balance whether to get them outside or risk the "traveling" spit up. Spot bot got quite the workout this week.

Then you got six dogs walking in with dirty paws all the time. Luckily we do have the mudroom which catches most of this.

Anyway, just luxuriating in having an "empty" (means just me, my husband, and our 3 dogs) for the moment.

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