Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kids as The Corporate Excuse

You know, awhile ago it occurred to me....

My husband is facing that corporate dilema right now. Corporations know where their free labor is, and instead of paying the hourly labor overtime, they make up "work parties" where salaried people come in and do a bunch of work. It's pretty blatant.

So while I was trying to decide whether to work in the corporate world until my business got started, I fully had decided to make up "kids". Robert and Rebecca would be our cute little tots to whom I had to go home to each night. They would have school events I couldn't miss et et.

I realize now that I forgot to share this plan with my husband so he could use it. I hate corporate America!! Probably too late now to share with his co-workers that he has kids. Hey maybe his "first marriage" wife gets killed, and we need to take care of the those kids?

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