Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stick to The Long Sands on Long Sand Beach

You know, I forget now that I am so oooollllddd, that I don't enjoy the beach so much for sunning anymore. I enjoy the walking, wading my feet, and boogey boarding aspect of it.

Forgot that today, so I picked what looked like a quiet secluded little spot, and it was. Also the non groomed spots get a bit smelly though, as the decaying whatever ---snails, clams, crabs that the seagulls have dropped or anything that came in with the seaweed. Things that smell good to me in a pot at the restaurant, but not so fragrant boiling in the heat of the sun on the beach.

Got myself a Vogue for my fix for the year, and a couple of trashy books from the rite aid in town. I am bored with all my regular authors about now, so I am hoping to stumble across a new one soon. Brought my PS2 but was too hot and sweaty to play it. It was amazingly hot out today, despite being kind of cool, wet and nasty for a little while now.

The reason that I ended up on the secluded little beach was there were SO many tourists. It's a good note to myself to walk just a little bit further next time, so I have full use of barefoot friendly sandy beaches that go on for miles, and clear access to the ocean if I want to jump in with my boogey board.
It was a nice hour of solitude just bumming around for a bit and reading trashy stuff. A bit lonely without the husband or dogs around though. So after an hour, I had enough. Before that, I was two hours on the beach this morning doing what I love, playing and training with the doggies.

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