Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Elements of A Dream

Okay, I had a bizarre dream last night that had the following elements in it, it was pretty involved and has managed to stick with me this morning:

  1. Weekend away with the "girls", all of which were friends in my dream but people I had never seen before.

  2. Wilderness setting in a log cabin that I think has been in my dreams before.

  3. Rented by the parents of one of the girls that was there so we needed to keep it clean, and clean up well to get the security deposit back.

  4. Husband nor dog were with me, but husband appears later on in the dream.

  5. I talk to the husband on the phone while peeing on the toilet (something I would never do or feel comfortable doing).

  6. I am lazy and do not pick up after myself, and I slack off though start some projects like washing the dishes or doing the laundry (again totally unlike me).

  7. I then find a mall in the wilderness (for what reason I don't know) and get lost in it. This part is very much like another reoccurring dream that I have about being lost on a highway, and then lost in a city that looks a lot like Worcester and my car is suddenly gone. The mall looks like the Galleria in Worcester used to look only larger and more opulent.

  8. I get back, and I haven't cleaned or packed. Everyone else is ready to go, and I need to stay behind to pack.

  9. At some point, I have a dream within my dream about squid aliens that are going to take us out on a raft (apparently we are on an island now), kidnap us, and have their children crawl into and invade our bodies when they get out in the water.

  10. When the squid aliens crawl in our eyesockets, it looks like our eyes unless you look closely, and then it's the mouth sucking part of the squid.

  11. My husband is there to pick me up before we go on the raft.

  12. I try to convince him that we are not to go with the others, and the raft operators dressed in yellow rain jackets because they are the aliens. He is confused.

  13. He then falls on the ice (now it's winter on the water, and a glacier) and is knocked unconcisious, and the aliens take this opportunity to drag him on the raft, and grab me screaming.

The End.

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