Monday, July 23, 2007

The Evil That Is The BA Monster

Some recent unrelated events (not mine but another family member's hell) involving restraining order threats reminded me of two monster stories.

After I called her to tell her that she need not talk to my father to have a conversation with me, in fact that she was not to have a conversation through my father to me......she called my husband, whose mother was dying, to tell him that she would put a restraining order on me. Which made me laugh my ass off, one because, you know, the police have bigger things to deal with than a daughter calling her father. And two, because we all knew I would very likely not be speaking to them at all. She is a self centered idiot.

My husband claims he told me this, but he did not or I would have so reported BA monster to her employer. After I had let her employer know that any real estate agent of theirs EXCEPT my estranged step monster could go view my house, my step monster called my husband AGAIN, while his mother was dying, to tell him to "get his wife under control". This should say a lot about the marriage she has, and most likely the marriage her son and wife "enjoy". This actually struck my husband as pretty funny as he replied, "I don't know about your marriage, but I don't *control* my wife. Or seek to for that matter." I do suspect he didn't tell me, as that contact was a violation that her employer understood she wasn't supposed to make. I would have been ALL OVER that.

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