Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things I Wish I Could Get Before My Childhood Home Sells

Okay, okay, I know it's actually Friday, but this perfect Thursday Thirteen just came with me. So as usual, deal. Thirteen things I wish I could retrieve from my childhood house before it's sold.

  1. A weird Swedish childhood book of fairy tales. I haven't been able to find another in antique stores, and one of the stories was about a boy who wouldn't eat his peas, and so a fox kidnapped him into a fox hole. Okay, perhaps kind of alarming stories for a different type of kid, but I liked my veggies so I had no fear. If anyone knows how I can find this book or what it is, any help would be appreciated.

  2. My Trixie Belden mystery book series that I collected in my tween years.

  3. My Black Stallion book collection, which was also awesome.

  4. My Winnie the Pooh books (suspect that they have probably been gifted to my step brother and his kids through my step-I once found some of my books in her collection and took them back. Meanwhile her and my dad have my book Misha, Hannibal, and Red Dragon that were borrowed from me and never returned as well).

  5. One of my first older kid scary books of short stories. They were pretty dark. Dark enough to satisify me as a kid. I remember one about a tree, but barely. Another about a kid making spells, and he managed to punish one of his friends by making him disappear.
  6. I also had a book that was about fairy adventures, I think. It was about kids traveling with a bit of help, and it was a pretty good story. Probably also with my step brother's kids.
  7. (this has probably been destroyed) But I always loved my mother's wedding dress. It wasn't traditional or anything, but it was a pretty cool sixties dress, all white, with fur on the cuffs in a very sixties silutte (short skirt with jacket). I used to admire this dress when I was a girl.

  8. My 1984 Wachusett High School Year Book that I have never been able to locate, and last saw in the old garage.

  9. I wish I could find my High School poetry notebook there, but I know I lost it in college on a bus.

  10. One of the men that lived above my mom's antique shop once gave me a sterling silver pocket watch case. At some point I lost track of where it was, but it was very neat. And the man did not have any bad intentions, these were more innocent times I guess.

  11. My mom's old charm bracelet, if she hadn't found it and taken it with her when she left.

  12. The bed that was left to me in the divorce decree (and bureau by the way), but that dad decided was his. I never fought for it or brought it up. He is who he is, and he has no shame ever. It's pictured in one of the rooms (the last bedroom scanned on the movie tour and leaning against the wall), ironically, where the house is posted for sale.

  13. The time back when I was 19, so I could not move into my father's house at that time, and instead stay ignorant of the totality of the Bitch that is the BA Monster. Sure I would have found out some other way though, and like I said, it was probably a huge favor to know the real her. Makes it much easier now.

Previously I had been allowed in the attic before the "rift". You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff in that house (in places out of sight) that they are going to have to deal with by the time the sell. Anyhow, I managed to rescue a toy horse my grandfather gave me, and family photo albums that were rotting in the family insulation.

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