Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Troublesome Tuesday

I have been trying to stay away from blogging and the computer to get some work done, and still not getting the work done. Been obsessing a little too much about the S Donor and Monster being one street over and apparently settling in for the rest of the summer. Ugh.

Not to mention that the "rescheduled" father's day so my family was up. We got to see my Aunt and Florida cousins for like 5 minutes. Mostly because the monster apparently had a "negative reaction" when they mentioned they would try to get up to see me. Making them feel it was necessary to see me on the sly only on the way out. I wonder how the monster lives with herself in the evenings. She has apparently been revamping stories to where I attacked her for no reason twenty years ago. The monster is a piece of work.

You would think it's enough that she has dad all to herself like she always wanted. Now she wants to control my other relatives too. The thing is, for one trying so hard to do that, it must seem obvious that she has a lot to hide, and answer for.

We went to say hi to my cousin Rich at the beach, and she was there. She looks like she has gained more weight. Diabetes doesn't do so well the heavier you get. I like what one therapist says about wearing unresolved troubles in your weight. Mostly because I am loosing and getting healthier while she is gaining. All's not right in paradise over there----Que surprise!!!

All her side was there and my step brother, Andy, and her sister, Carol, all looked away when I looked over. Guess they didn't want to say hi LOL.

The S donor must have been at the house with Louise, Andy's wife, and Andy, Carol's husband. Rich was the only person from our family there. Crappy day too, fitting.

Heaven forbid they have missed father's day. Hey, happy father's day, S Donor. Anyone give you an "appropriate" card. I should have done the appropriate father's day card inserts and poetry this year. Well, there is always next year.

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