Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's The Monster's Birthday Today!!

I almost forgot that the monster's birthday comes directly after my wedding anniversary. Yahoo calendar was kind enough to send me a reminder LOL.

Things that I would give the BA Monster for her birthday:

  1. A conscience, but I don't know where to buy one.

  2. A sense of empathy or caring, alas don't know where they keep those either.

  3. Driving lessons or a driver better yet. Cut down on those pesky car accidents.

  4. Classes on sales and human relations, not only to sell her own house but to help her "career" along in the future.

  5. A portrait like Dorian Gray had, so she can just go on being BA monster without it showing on her.

  6. Lots of sweet candy and chocolates, cause those are good for people with diabetes, right?

  7. Valium would perhaps help her. Or something a bit stronger......

  8. A gym membership, as that psychic thing does not seem to have worked. Ahem, for either one of them.

  9. A sense of shame!! Where does one buy these things?

  10. A way to erase from the S donor's mind that he even had a child in the first place, or heaven forbid a former wife.

Happy Birthday the Monster also known as BA. Hope ya get everything you deserve today.

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