Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things That Can Cause Family Estrangement

Here are thirteen things that can cause a rift (or the disagreement as to these topics can cause a rift---usually there are other deeper underlying issues that have come to play):

  1. Sexual orientation (ie homosexual or heterosexual).

  2. Race of friends or spouse, if you family is racist.

  3. Money, as in one owes the other money.

  4. Inheritance squabbles.

  5. One family member no longer wants to be controlled by another or "dance to their tune".

  6. Differences or conflicts in religious beliefs.

  7. The dramas that happen during a divorce.

  8. One's spouse is not welcomed in or is not approved of.

  9. Abandonment of a family member (usually a parent leaving the family).

  10. Not recognizing children or parents as individual people, but belongings instead.

  11. Unforgiven memories of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse.

  12. Strong political opinions that differ.

  13. Jealousies of status.

***The picture above represents the reason for my split from the monster and S Donor. They felt they had the right to sell MY house. They argued about this during the time my mother in law was dying. I am not putting up with it any more. For two years now since last October, as a matter of fact.

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winterskibunny said...

In reading another's blog, there was one that I totally missed. Not conforming to the morales of others, which could include having a child and not being married to the other being, whether you are together as a family unit or not!!!! I sometimes forget that some people are very behind in tolerance or acceptance of differing lifestyles to that degree.