Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Accomplishments this Year

Here are thirteen things I can pat myself on the back on for 2007:

  1. My weight may have fluxuated, but it's still LESS than it was last year. It's also still going doooowwwwwnnnnnn.
  2. Annoying the Animal Rights Movement known as Truly Dog Friendly (NOT). This helps further keep them from their goals of putting dog trainers out of business that have ANY experience or knowledge for their train from the bed cookie slinging. (I am not talking about positive trainers here, I am talking about the extremists in my profession).
  3. Kept our house for one more year, during a very trying time. And it ain't been easy.
  4. Came close to making the gross sales goal for 2007, and it could still be done if I got one more board and train this year OR a slew of privates.
  5. Have been proactive in marketing my business. Need to get better but I am trying at least.
  6. Have come leaps and bounds with Jack this year. He now can do run thrus with me, and has started to finally focus on me instead of what's going on outside the ring (even when we set it up so there IS something going on outside the ring).
  7. Have gotten another dog and handler interested in obedience (Ally and Brie).
  8. Managed to rehome a dog after his first home was not able to follow thru on training. Rehomed to a proper and responsible home by the way.
  9. Did have a 70% increase in gross sales from last year (after COGS-cost of goods sold).
  10. Did not sell individual lessons this year, but packages and no apologies on exercises needed to be learned.
  11. Have made professional status with the IACP this year, meaning I will be able to start on my CDT exam for 2008!!
  12. Continued to flourish and grow despite my familial situation.
  13. Kept good mileage records this year, and would have been able to furnish myself with a payroll (no matter how meager) from my business.

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